Dry stored, screened and blended topsoil

North Wales Turf and Topsoil supply high quality Loam soil screened to 10mm. It is fully tested for pH and content. We have 2 soil types that we supply in 1 tonne bulk bags:-

North Wales Turf and Topsoil Lawn Mix

Specifically blended for laying new lawns on. The Lawn Mix is the perfect nutrient-rich foundation for any lawn or landscape project.

Lawn Mix:

Topsoil Coverage:

  • 1 Tonne of topsoil is approximately 0.7 cubic Meters
  • 1 Tonne of topsoil will cover 30 Square Meters to the depth of 1 Inch or 25mm
  • We can calculate how much you need if you call us with your length, width & depth.

If you are not sure of your topsoil requirements please ring 01244 532143 or 07783824759, we are happy to help.

north wales turf and topsoil beds and borders mix

Blended with a mushroom compost to encourage the growth of plants & trees. This soil is ideal for all types of planting, shrubs, trees, fruit and vegetables.

Beds and Borders Mix: